Where Good Exists

Good comes in more ways than one.

What does 'good' mean to you? Is it a friendly gesture from a neighbour that made your day, a random stranger who reached out in your moment of need or a family member who stays by your side?

Share with us stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you may have experienced or witnessed, and spread the good cheer with people around you.

It may be just be the way to say ‘thank you’ to all that has been Good this year, and to bring this goodness forward into the new year.

Because this is #WhereGoodExists

Where Good Exists in the

WhereGoodExists - Part 1 - Traditions

NTUC Social Enterprises

In this first video of our 5-part web series, Grandma Wong passes on a good tradition by explaining to her grandson Yong Kang why she is cooking up a...

WhereGoodExists - Part 2 - Generosity

NTUC Social Enterprises

“What paiseh? Neighbours help each other mah!” Let the lovely Makcik Aisha show you what it means to care and look out for one another. Read real li...

WhereGoodExists - Part 3 - Kindness

NTUC Social Enterprises

15-year old Aashrav shows us in this video that whatever the situation, that’s always time to ‘do good’. For the first two parts of the series, and t...

WhereGoodExists - Part 4 - Memories

NTUC Social Enterprises

Being a caregiver can be frustrating; even more so when you are caring for a family member with dementia. For the first three parts of the series, an...

WhereGoodExists - Part 5 - Finale

NTUC Social Enterprises

The year is drawing to a close and it’s time for a party! Join our friendly neighbours – Grandma Wong, Yong Kang, Ryan, Makcik Aisha, Aashrav and the...

Guy’s selfless birthday wish brings joy to the children in Melrose Home

Xavier Joseph & Surendran Daniel

"What started out as a simple birthday wish became something which was very fruitful and meaningful thanks to the generosity of friends, family and ev...

Everyday Heroes: How a Dedicated Young Lady Inspired a Stroke Patient Walk Again

Dean Yap

"Some 3 years ago, an elderly uncle suffered stroke. He tried learning to walk again in walking frame, slowly and feebly in the neighborhood. Often he...

SBS bus captain offered money and help to a pick-pocket victim to get home


It happened to me way back in Feb. 2013... I was barely 5 months old in this city when I became a victim of pick pocket... so shocked of what happened...

A young lad ran across the road to hail a taxi for busy mum

Sharon Loi

I was once carryin a lot of things n crossing d road wth my 10 year old son trying to find a taxi. A young lad ran across the other side of d road hai...

Rag-a-bone man returns lost wallet to man after finding it in pile of rubbish

Robert Chitty

I dropped my wallet in Feb 2016. It contained my NRIC, Driving Licence, ATM, Credit, name cards and 2 Kopitiam cards. In Oct, i received a text from s...

Neighbour showered her with love just like how a family member would

Nanthinie Das

This does remind me of my neighbours within my neighbourhood. More than food cooked out of love, it's their small gestures like rushing over when I do...

How this SMRT staff and elderly lady helped a lady who fainted will warm your heart

Helen Ong

A few years back i was feeling faint and almost blacked out while riding the morning train to work. As I was standing near the door, an old lady from...

Taxi uncle found wallet. Decides to drive all the way back to mother to return it to her

Ness Sh

I will like to use this platform to say thank you to this taxi uncle driving ComfortDelGro Taxi Comfort Delgro Taxi, SHA 5197H. A very honest and help...

Young lady stumble upon old shop, decides to help lady owner list their products on Carousell

Kai Xin

Meet Lucia; Help Lucia 3 weeks ago, while walking pass the heritage residences along Spottiswoode Park Road, I was drawn by what I saw in one of the...

Ordered dinner without money, good stall owner asked to eat first and worry about money later

Woon Lan Ang

his actually happened at the Bukit Merah Central food centre at around 7.30 - 8pm a few weeks ago, I had just ordered my dinner at the bak kut teh sta...

Bought Resale Flat, Get Best Neighbours Ever

Lydia Wulandari

Totally agree that good comes in so many little ways! My husband and I just moved to our new place at bukit gombak a month ago and we really thanked...

It wasn't that hard to be friends

Our Better World

Senthil and Sok Hwee: an uncommon friendship that helped a migrant worker feel at home in a foreign land. Filming Sok Hwee's and Senthil's story of f...

Young lady forgets ez-link cards, uncle offers to top up difference in bus fare

Joey Hong

"Forgotten ezlink card... Thank you mr Stranger for topping up the difference of my bus fare and even offered to give me lunch money... I did not even...

Two strangers helping another two strangers at one bus stop

Bryan Chihan

Just witnessed something that restores faith in humanity. while waiting for the bus opposite the prata house at Thomson, i noticed a lady carrying a s...

Auntie can't stop saying thank you after man helps her with her trolley

Syam Sj

Happy Chinese New Year 2016. Was driving back home in Toa Payoh when suddenly i saw a trolley rolling down the road with full of unused items. I was...