Where Good Exists

Good comes in more ways than one.

What does 'good' mean to you? Is it a friendly gesture from a neighbour that made your day, a random stranger who reached out in your moment of need or a family member who stays by your side?

Share with us stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you may have experienced or witnessed, and spread the good cheer with people around you.

It may be just be the way to say ‘thank you’ to all that has been Good this year, and to bring this goodness forward into the new year.

Because this is #WhereGoodExists

Where Good Exists in the

With them around, you will never be alone in your afterlife

Straits Times

"Many elderly worry that no one will help them with their funeral arrangements after they die. They are less troubled knowing that we are around," he...

Migrant workers help S’porean cyclist who was ignored by other park-users after accident


"If there’s one negative thing about living in a fast-paced, competitive society, it’s that the phrase “Mind your own business” is sort of a mantra th...

Tanah Merah beach cleaning drive turns up 500kg of waste


More than 200 volunteers took to the beach and waters for a massive clean up on the eastern tip of Singapore to safeguard marine life and our natural...

Lost then found:Grab passenger grateful to fellow passenger


Today I left my wallet on a grab car after brunch with my friends. Thankfully, a lady by the name Geraldine who was the next grab passenger returned m...

Louis Chua is here to make lives better

NTUC FairPrice

Louis Chua, who has been with NTUC FairPrice for over 30 years, continues to be a wonderful inspiration to his colleagues and customers.

Brolly-sharing is caring

Adrian Phoon

The lady with an umbrella in front of me took a stranger lady to shelter and I took on a Bangla stranger to shelter to the bus stop. Manish Vaishnav,...

A bad sprain made better with concern from two strangers

Kimberly Phua

"Tripped on some stairs on my way to the MRT and sprained my ankle reallyyyyy badly just now. Pain was so unbearable I sat down on the sidewalk and cr...

A stranger goes out of his way to help maid nab "armed" thief

Straits Times

"I went up to him and basically stopped him, telling him that I will not let him go unless he allowed me to check that he has returned all the notes ,...

SBS Transit bus captain shields passengers from rain as he is worried they might get sick


Kamarul attributes his kindness to words of wisdom his mother told him when he first took up the conductor job nine months ago. This is what she told...

The worst and best thing that could happen to a poly student

Chelsey Chow

My heart is so full with gratitude now i think i might just explode. The absolute worst thing that could happen to any poly student facing the impe...

How I met a silver-haired angel

Vinnie Tan

Met an angel this morning...Was waiting to cross the traffic light under the hot sun after a 16km run with jelly legs & dripping perspiration when an...

Racial harmony is still strong in Singapore!

Khairul Farhan

What happened last night reaffirmed my beliefs that RACIAL HARMONY is still strong in Singapore ! Read the original story [here](https://www.facebook...