Where Good Exists

Good comes in more ways than one.

What does 'good' mean to you? Is it a friendly gesture from a neighbour that made your day, a random stranger who reached out in your moment of need or a family member who stays by your side?

Share with us stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you may have experienced or witnessed, and spread the good cheer with people around you.

It may be just be the way to say ‘thank you’ to all that has been Good this year, and to bring this goodness forward into the new year.

Because this is #WhereGoodExists

Where Good Exists in the

Neighbour showered her with love just like how a family member would

Nanthinie Das

This does remind me of my neighbours within my neighbourhood. More than food cooked out of love, it's their small gestures like rushing over when I do...

She decides to raise money for single mom after watching her story on tv

The New Paper

"I empathised with (Madam Jurina's) hardship... I knew that I could do something to help, whatever that was within my means," she said. Read the full...

Taxi uncle found wallet. Decides to drive all the way back to mother to return it to her

Ness Sh

I will like to use this platform to say thank you to this taxi uncle driving ComfortDelGro Taxi Comfort Delgro Taxi, SHA 5197H. A very honest and help...

A random conversation at a bus stop changed her life completely

Straits Times

Ms Tay, who was on the last leg of her 18-month sentence for drug offences, was waiting for a bus in Yishun to return to halfway house The Turning Poi...

Auntie can't stop saying thank you after man helps her with her trolley

Syam Sj

Happy Chinese New Year 2016. Was driving back home in Toa Payoh when suddenly i saw a trolley rolling down the road with full of unused items. I was...

Using what they have learnt in school, 19 years olds rushed to help two cardiac arrest victim

Straits Times

“We were very thirsty but could not stop for a water break as we are fasting,” Mr Hairil told The New Paper. Rain poured while they sprinted to their...

Elderly man hits by taxi, passerby rushes to help

Straits Times

"Luckily, many people stopped to help him," said Ms Lim. Read the article from Straits Times [here](http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/military-doc...

Toa Payoh siblings save elderly uncle from fire

Straits Times

"I used both hands to grab the uncle's arms. My brother held on to his legs. We then worked together to carry him down from the third storey." Read t...

Super friendly bus uncle!

Wendy Lee

My house there for the past 8 years the bus uncle from 913 always greet every single passengers that board his bus. ☺

Passengers wait patiently as bus captain rushes to use the loo

Adrian Phoon

"Cute bus captain. Stopped engine at bus stop, "I go toilet first ah!" Ran out of bus, leaving the whole packed bus alone. Everyone in the bus l...

Motorist goes the extra mile to clear roads for ambulance

Maria N Clyde Alexander

I was in the ambulance taking my mom to the hospital. I have to really commend this Malay guy who help me clear the road..he did it on his own all the...

Foreign workers to the rescue!

Laura Dominique Yeap

From out of nowhere and without hesitation, a bunch of workers sprinted over to help Jon push aside a car that had broken down in front of us. A good...

Public support for ‘bao’ lady helps keep shelter going


Despite her own struggles, Madam Tan used the profits from her business to help unwed mums, homeless children and foreign workers. Read the article fr...

My little brother's good deed

Laava Gunasegaran

"Today, is the last day of kindness month. And I'd like to share smth really special that happened earlier on today! Read the original story here As...

The story of a bus driver who really loves his job

Nasyitah Tan Wah Ling

"This is Ihsan Bin Tomino. He has been an SBS Transit bus driver for the past 3.5 years and THE BEST I have met. Read the original post [here](http...

Would you stop traffic for a blind man? This man did.

Straits Times

SINGAPORE - It's a video that has warmed the hearts of all who have watched it - and it has chalked up some 30,000 views after it was posted on Facebo...

Good Samaritan leaves free homemade repellent to Bishan neighbours


A small gesture of thoughtfulness and generosity by a 30-year-old manager that perfectly captures the 'kampung' spirit. Proud to be a Bishan resident!...

Quick-thinking police and rescue officers save curious cat

SPCA Singapore

We received a call from a concerned member of the public yesterday, notifying us of a kitten that was on a ledge of a unit opposite his block at Ang M...