Where Good Exists

Good comes in more ways than one.

What does 'good' mean to you? Is it a friendly gesture from a neighbour that made your day, a random stranger who reached out in your moment of need or a family member who stays by your side?

Share with us stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you may have experienced or witnessed, and spread the good cheer with people around you.

It may be just be the way to say ‘thank you’ to all that has been Good this year, and to bring this goodness forward into the new year.

Because this is #WhereGoodExists

Where Good Exists in the

Lady took initiative to help elderly tourist navigate around the MRT

Alivia Kan

On the way to meet a friend today, happened to see a group of elderly tourists looking lost at the circle line station (harborfront) figuring out how...

How this SMRT staff and elderly lady helped a lady who fainted will warm your heart

Helen Ong

A few years back i was feeling faint and almost blacked out while riding the morning train to work. As I was standing near the door, an old lady from...

Two angels appeared with bandages and cream when she collapsed at the escalator

Wang Buliao

Many years ago on a New Year's Eve, my family and I were at what was then a Coffee Bean outlet at Centrepoint. I took a bad tumble on the stairs which...

Young lady stumble upon old shop, decides to help lady owner list their products on Carousell

Kai Xin

Meet Lucia; Help Lucia 3 weeks ago, while walking pass the heritage residences along Spottiswoode Park Road, I was drawn by what I saw in one of the...

Ordered dinner without money, good stall owner asked to eat first and worry about money later

Woon Lan Ang

his actually happened at the Bukit Merah Central food centre at around 7.30 - 8pm a few weeks ago, I had just ordered my dinner at the bak kut teh sta...

Lady Took Leave, But Decides to Buy Drinks for Her Colleagues Anyway

Jia Wei Lwee

Wendy Lee was sharing a new matcha drink she managed to find in 7-11. Much to our surprise she actually came in to office to give us a bottles even th...

Why I love Singapore so much!

Manish Vaishnav

AN ACT OF KINDNESS!!! This morning,on the way to the office, I came out from Raffles MRT; it was raining heavily. I did not have umbrella. One of th...

Young lady forgets ez-link cards, uncle offers to top up difference in bus fare

Joey Hong

"Forgotten ezlink card... Thank you mr Stranger for topping up the difference of my bus fare and even offered to give me lunch money... I did not even...

Two strangers helping another two strangers at one bus stop

Bryan Chihan

Just witnessed something that restores faith in humanity. while waiting for the bus opposite the prata house at Thomson, i noticed a lady carrying a s...

"Good folks and kind people are still aplenty in Singapore."

Loh Irwan Jason

On Sunday at Grand Hyatt, Scotts Road, an old ethnic Chinese lady shared her umbrella midway with my Hijab wearing Wife as we braved the rain crossing...

Grateful for the love he received years ago, Northlight graduate returns to pay it forward

Straits Times

"I am really grateful that Mrs Chua gave me that second chance and believed in me," said Mr Liew. "I remember in 2007, I did something wrong in school...

Thanking migrant workers for their contribution to our society

Straits Times

Mr Mannu Sheble Sadek, 23, a Bangladeshi construction worker who does stand-up comedy as a hobby, said: "Singaporeans usually don't say hi to us, they...

Bus drivers stops bus, asked permission from passengers and rushed to put out fire on the road

Straits Times

"I have undergone training as a bus captain on how to use the fire extinguisher, so I knew what to do. It was a pity that I could not put out the fire...

Helpful army boy

Monica Zhuang

Saw an army boy help an auntie with her luggage! It's at Thomson plaza ??????

Strangers rush to rescue boy whose leg gets stuck in escalator

The New Paper

"Mr Choong grabbed him and carried him to the first storey, where he asked security officers for a first aid kit. With help from library staff, he ban...

Well-wishers donate $24,000 for Vietnamese widow

The New Paper

Mr Tay said: "After TNP's story broke, people have been calling me to ask for the number of Madam Bui and how they could help her." - Read the article...

Hearts of gold: cleaners commended for their honesty and dedication to their work

Straits Times

Off-duty cleaners went the extra mile to help recover lost jewellery after a three-hour search. Read the article from The Straits Times [here](http://...

People from parts of Singapore gathers to pamper foreign workers for one day

Straits Times

"I stand on my feet cleaning six days a week and I get really sore after work," said Ms Nagamah. "It's really nice for them to do this for us and I re...

Bus captain, taxi driver get SCDF award for helping to put out car fire


“If this happened again, I will still try my best to help. I feel surprised and happy to receive the award because I was just doing my part and was no...

Singaporean grateful for honest and helpful Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf staff

Sandra Tan Lastennet

"Thanking God that this is the Singapore I live in! I forgot my MacBook Air (in a Michael Kors case) in CoffeeBean Marine Cove yesterday. Only realiz...