Where Good Exists

Good comes in more ways than one.

What does 'good' mean to you? Is it a friendly gesture from a neighbour that made your day, a random stranger who reached out in your moment of need or a family member who stays by your side?

Share with us stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you may have experienced or witnessed, and spread the good cheer with people around you.

It may be just be the way to say ‘thank you’ to all that has been Good this year, and to bring this goodness forward into the new year.

Because this is #WhereGoodExists

Where Good Exists in the

Bus Captain Put Out Umbrella For Passengers When It Was Raining


It was Christmas Eve, and you all should know how heavily it rained on that day. This SBS Transit bus captain uncle I saw, put out an umbrella for his...

Lovely stranger handed voucher to siblings who were queuing to make payment

Hadi Masuri

Just had the most pleasant surprise. Am having dinner with sis at 18 Chefs. This lovely stranger just handed a $5 dollar voucher whilst I was waiting...

Guy’s selfless birthday wish brings joy to the children in Melrose Home

Xavier Joseph & Surendran Daniel

"What started out as a simple birthday wish became something which was very fruitful and meaningful thanks to the generosity of friends, family and ev...

Malay boy tapao-ing food from non-halal store for elderly Chinese man


"We sometimes have a tendency to judge strangers for their actions without appreciating the full story behind them. Take for example Twitter user S...

Bought Resale Flat, Get Best Neighbours Ever

Lydia Wulandari

Totally agree that good comes in so many little ways! My husband and I just moved to our new place at bukit gombak a month ago and we really thanked...

Maid went home 30 years ago, became a principal and returns for a touching reunion

Straits Times

"Julian cried a lot, we all cried. She was so much a part of our lives," said Ms Lim, whose brother was overseas during the reunion. Read the article...

Civil Defence NSFs praised for helping bus passenger suffering from asthma attack

Alvin Chew

"I was on my way home from work just earlier and the bus came to a stop longer than usual... Soon a few people seemed to hover a particular passenger...

Neighbour offers mother and child a lift to the hospital during heavy rain

Crystal Anne Nurul Hariza

"Entire text: Since this is KHM page so can write here ;) Heheheh If onli there's an awesome Neighbour award Heheheh A little kindness goes a long w...

NTU KFC Uncle touches the hearts of students with words of encouragement

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Colonel Sender: Customers have been lapping up happy notes at #NTUsg North Spine Plaza, alongside their KFC burgers. Uncle Philip sends everyone a hap...

A stranger stops a man from stepping onto a pile of vomit!

Junwei Huang

I almost stepped into a pile of vomit and a Singaporean fellow guy dragged me away from it. Luckily he did so if not I would have... So thankful of h...

Thoughtful passengers giving up seats willingly to those in need during peak hour

Carol Loi

"Thankful for a great start to the day, even though the train is crowded, as usual. The Aunty from the station does her usual shouts of "someone here...

21-year old runs English school to teach foreign workers English

Straits Times

"He told me he had placed his bare hand over the cylinder to stop a leak; it got burnt and had to be amputated," said Mr Sazzad. Read the article from...

Workers get free food from Starbucks, thanks to quick thinking customer


Was at Starbucks this afternoon to get coffee for tennis-weary parents when I saw the counter staff clearing away all the food as they were closing....